The Knowledge Center: Supporting Resources

In order to spread the word about diversity, we feel it is necessary to be a central resource for as much information as possible. We hope that by investigating these links and resources on the dangers of gentrification and the benefits of cultural diversity, you will find the answers you need. We also offer a wide variety of resources that deal with explaining what gentrification is and helping you to understand how gentrification is destroying specific communities around the country.

The goal for our organization is to slow or stop the progress of gentrification and get communities to focus on enhancing the resources they already have. When neighborhoods work together to make their areas better places to live, then everyone benefits. The best way to fight back on gentrification is to make it unnecessary for reviving an area. Once the residents of an area take it into their own hands to improve their neighborhoods and bring in prosperity, then gentrification is only seen as the destructive force that it is.

Thank you for spending time on our website and learning more about this important topic. We hope that you find these resources helpful and valuable.