The Importance of Raising Children in Areas of Cultural Diversity

Children tend to be products of their environment, and that is why a diverse environment is so important. When we allow gentrification to destroy neighborhoods, we lose diversity that should be a key component to creating childhood memories. Gentrification removes all of the diverse residents of a neighborhood and replaces them with people who have very little in common with the residents who used to live there. Why is it important to raise children in a diverse environment? Because it has several benefits that cannot be achieved any other way.


To a child, people are people and any perception of those people is learned over time. When a child is raised in a diverse environment, that child learns to associate with a variety of different types of people. Not only does that child become tolerant of diverse cultures, but the child learns to enjoy and respect diverse cultures in ways that can help them in their adult years.

Group Interaction

Children who grow up in diverse neighborhoods learn how to work and play with a variety of different people. In a classroom setting, this means that children exposed to diversity will respect the needs of others and create a productive learning environment. In the workplace, children who grew up in diverse neighborhoods would be able to draw on the different perspectives of people from other cultures to solve problems and help move the company forward. Interacting in a group that is diverse can help to bring together a variety of influences that spark creativity and encourage maximum productivity.

World Experiences

A child who is raised in a diverse neighborhood is more likely to want to travel and take in new experiences from around the world. This process enriches the child and puts them in a position to be a well-rounded and successful adult. Instead of shying away from new experiences that could be beneficial to them, children with diverse backgrounds tend to take on challenges and get results that benefit a wide variety of people.

When you allow gentrification to strip a neighborhood of its diversity, you are robbing children of the experiences they need to be successful later in life. You are also removing the opportunity for your child to develop the social skills they will need to be a well-adjusted adult. Join us in the fight against gentrification and help us to make sure that every child gets the diverse upbringing they need to make the world a better place.