Save Our Streets Fair

The only way to properly honor the diversity in New York state is to allow everyone in the state to celebrate it. That is why we will be holding a Save Our Streets Fair designed to bring attention to the cause of preventing gentrification throughout New York state. When we talk about preserving the history of New York and preventing the destruction of neighborhoods, it is not enough to just point to these areas with a warning. When people can experience the diversity that each region has to offer, then it becomes much easier to see exactly what we are fighting for.

Fun for the Entire Family

Families from all over the area will be able to enjoy rides, food, and all types of exhibits from each region of New York state. Instead of having to travel from place to place to see what makes each area different, we will be bringing it all together in one place for you and your family to enjoy. The traditions created by New York state small businesses and neighborhoods will be on display for everyone to see and enjoy.

Learn About New York’s Diversity

Each region of the state has used its diversity to develop its own culture, and we are giving every region a chance to show just how their culture has evolved over the years. Visitors from all over New York and from outside the state as well can enjoy special presentations by each region that are designed to give a feeling for life in each of those areas. In a celebration of diversity, we want to offer everyone the chance to see just how wonderful it is when a neighborhood is proud of its history and traditions.

Underlining the Effects of Gentrification

Each display and demonstration offered at our Save Our Streets Fair could disappear if gentrification is not stopped. With big business and corporate developers looking to put luxury high-rises in place of neighborhoods and historic structures, it is important that we do what we can to preserve our state. We want the Save Our Streets Fair to be a way for people to experience everything New York has to offer in one place, not an attempt to remember traditions that will be destroyed soon.

Make plans to join us, and prepare to find out just how diverse and amazing New York state really is. If your community is interested in being a part of our fair, then we invite you to contact us to get involved and do your part to preserve your own traditions and neighborhoods.