Join the Fight Against Gentrification

Gentrification is the process of legally handing over areas where small businesses exist and low-income families live to the interests of large corporations and big developers. The spotlight for gentrification is shining the brightest on New York City, but it is a process that is taking place all over the state. For example, many historic buildings in Buffalo are being torn down to make way for luxury housing that the average Buffalo resident would never be able to afford.

This entire effort is part of New York state’s continued and inexplicable desire to make life miserable for the poor and for small businesses. Not only is it destroying the basic fabric of the state, but it is causing significant issues for millions of people. When you join the fight against gentrification, you will contribute to the effort to preserve the history of New York state and make New York the kind of place where everyone can live and work in harmony.

Efforts to Combat Gentrification in New York City

How bad is the gentrification trend in New York City? It is so bad that activist groups have funded a movie to show how gentrification is affecting the borough of Brooklyn. Activist groups are forming and active in all five boroughs to prevent allowing new zoning laws from going through that would take housing away from low-income families.

Groups such as the Crown Heights Tenants Union are helping to keep affordable housing available and prevent big business from destroying neighborhoods. If you live in New York City, then joining a group like this is one way that you can help to preserve the character of the city and prevent gentrification from destroying everything the citizens have built up.

Join Your Local Historical Preservation Group

In communities all over New York state, there are groups dedicated to preserving the history of their regions. There are also groups that are willing to speak up for low-income families and prevent gentrification in New York state neighborhoods. By joining one of these groups and becoming active in their efforts, you are adding another powerful voice in the fight against the destruction that gentrification causes.

Start Your Own Group

Do you see gentrification happening in your area but notice that there are no groups to fight it? Then let us help you to start your own group to bring attention to this extremely important cause. We can educate you on what is going on throughout the state, and then we can help you to create your own group of people to put a stop to the destruction of your area.

Gentrification is subtle in some areas of New York state, but it does exist. If the residents do not speak out, then nothing will be there to stop big corporations from destroying small businesses and neighborhoods of all kinds. Join the fight and do your part to make New York state a place that welcomes everyone.