Appreciating the Beauty of New York State’s Different Regions

New York state is broken up into different regions, and each region has a beauty all its own. When we think about trying to preserve the character of the state of New York, we are drawn to discussing the things that make every region of this state beautiful and unique.

Long Island

The sea is what draws many people to live on Long Island, and the residents of the island make good use of the surrounding ocean. Long Island is home to a thriving fishing industry, and it is also a prime destination for college students from all over the country. Long Island is the kind of place you would love if you want a close proximity to the big city but you also want to live in an area that is filled with natural beauty.

New York City

New York City is one of the country’s first big cities, and it retains a great deal of its early charm in its architecture. Companies from all over the world have set up shop in New York City, which has helped to create a very diverse and dynamic population. Because of its status as a primary global seaport and its many international airports, New York City acts as the gateway to America for many foreigners entering the country for the first time.

Lower Hudson Valley

The Lower Hudson Valley is home to more than two million people who enjoy access to the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River. The Lower Hudson Valley is famous for its rolling landscape and its abundance of natural vacation spots that attract people from all over the world.

Capital Region

The Capital Region is highlighted by the state capital, Albany, and all of its preserved architecture. At the northern end of the region lies Saratoga Springs, a charming city that draws many visitors during horse-racing season. The abundance of trees and other foliage in the Capital Region makes it a beautiful place in the fall.

Eastern Adirondacks

The Eastern Adirondacks are home to a variety of small villages and vacation resorts that call back to simpler times. The Adirondack Mountains draw plenty of visitors all year round, and the industries that have grown up around the tourist industry help to make the Eastern Adirondacks a stable place to live.

Western Adirondacks

The Western Adirondacks offer many of the same benefits as the Eastern region, but the Western Adirondacks also offers cities such as Watertown to create an urban experience. There is a lot of variety in the Western Adirondacks, and it is an area that truly has something for everyone.

Central New York

Central New York is a college area that is known for such schools as Syracuse University and Cornell University. There are many small towns throughout the region that offer access to some breathtaking landscapes that include waterfalls and sloping mountains.

Western Finger Lakes

The Western Finger Lakes is a quiet area where families can live in harmony with nature and many of the local businesses that have found success in the area. The Finger Lakes are also known for being a wine-making region.

Western New York

Western New York’s early history was based on the industrial success of the area, and it inspired a whole wave of unique architecture. With cities such as Buffalo and Niagara Falls, Western New York is still a destination for visitors to the state and a place where a lot of international business takes place.