About Us

We are fighting for a cause that affects everyone who lives in the state of New York, and we need your help. The stories about the gentrification of New York City are all over the Internet, and they are horrible. But the problem is that people from everywhere else in New York think that they can read these articles and feel bad for New York City from a distance. The truth is that the state of New York is trying to spread gentrification to your neighborhood, be it in Western New York, the Capital District, or the Southern Tier, and you need to act now to stop it.

What Is Gentrification?

Gentrification is the process of altering an area to attract wealthy real estate investors in the hopes of raising property values. The basic premise of gentrification sounds harmless enough, but the problems arise when you start to ask questions:

  • How are these areas altered?
  • Who benefits from the rise in property values?
  • What if low-income families cannot afford to live in the neighborhoods that are affected anymore?

These are the real questions that government officials and representatives of big business do not want people to ask, but they are the very questions that we insist need to be answered.

Historic Buildings in Peril

When an area is rezoned to accommodate gentrification, no building is safe. In the past, developers have found ways around protections put in place to preserve historic buildings to make way for parking lots and big-box department stores. If you don’t think it can happen in your community, then you are wrong. It is time for you to get off the sidelines and do what you can to preserve the buildings that give your area character.

Small Businesses Pushed Around

There have been several examples of projects that were approved in New York City that forced small businesses to find new locations. Many small businesses cannot afford to relocate, and some would suffer a significant loss of business if they had to change locations. With gentrification, developers are given a free hand to tell small businesses to relocate or else. Small businesses hire most of the working people in New York state, and they need your help to have a voice that stops overzealous developers.

Neighborhoods in Peril

As part of the gentrification process, cities throughout the state of New York are allowing luxury housing to be built in neighborhoods where low-income families currently live. The end result is that low-income families are forced to relocate because they can no longer afford to live in those neighborhoods. This happens to new neighborhoods and neighborhoods that have existed for generations.

Contact us today and help us to push back against the forces that are trying to reshape New York state into a place that destroys small businesses and creates homeless families. Many residents find it difficult enough to get by with what they have. With gentrification, life becomes impossible for many New Yorkers. Help us stop this trend by being a part of our movement today.